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Completed Renovation Projects

Renovation is the perfect option:
  • Thinking of updating but unsure about the costs and how to maximize your project potential? By hiring an experienced design consultant you wil be able to properly plan and execute the renovation process. Consider consulting with Design East, Inc. prior to the construction phase.
  • Design East, Inc. has an invaluable reputation for successfully facilitating mid-sized to large scale remodeling projects with an uncanny ability to see through the project within budget and on time.
  • Trust your commercial or residential renovation to a company with 23 years of solid, hands-on experience. Our company's unrelenting commitment to delivering value, design and construction excellence is what Design East, Inc's company philosophy is all about.
  • Research also tells us that "B" and "C" rental properties are in greater need of rethinking their design appeal to the growing amount of younger prospects, compared to the "A" rental properties where consulting with design professionals prior to design updates are a common practice.
  • In real terms, due to our current economy, more people are trending towards rental housing versus purchasing. Investments to renovate "B" and "C" level properties can greatly impact your bottom line. Qualifying and prioritizing what renovations to expedite first and ultimately phase out the project based on properties budget allocations, is an essential part of the designers responsibility.
  • To make the most cost effective choices will be most effective when collaborating with an experienced design consultant versus working with a supplier or vendor. The value of utilizing a design consultant can also maximize your design impact by making better decisions for your particular property, and yet still utilizing your suppliers.
  • Advance your properties position by exploring all of your options and associated costs to better understand how to maximize your exposure and ultimately raising your properties potential.