Options/Selection Centers Coordinator

The luxury of choice for a buyer-friendly environment,maximizing your Design Center Potential.

We recognize that every inch of space is paramount to our clients as well as their buyers. Catherine Daly and her maverick team at Design East Inc. creates design center environments that:
  • Feel and work more like homes rather than retail environments
  • Include full-size sample kitchens with a unique array of cabinet and countertop options and appliances utilized as strategically located workstations
  • Showcase builder options such as fireplace, hardwood floors, and decorative trim such as wainscoting through out the entire area
  • Showcase bath vignettes displaying all levels and finishes
  • Evaluate and specify lighting "packages"

We also understand the true meaning of creating a “profit-driven” environment that is absolutely instrumental in assisting the “closing of the sale” process.